[KimDaBa] helpiiii! pb setting dates

choubs choubs at free.fr
Sun May 23 12:58:54 BST 2004

hi Jesper, hi all

first, thx for the work done on Kimdaba ! Great great application

However, seems i got a problem setting dates in kimdaba, using the options
"configure image" (one at the time or all together).

I'm using the 18/04/2004 snapshot...

it perfectly works when i set up a year but...
when i set up a month (00/6/1980 for instance) or a day (15/5/1979...) in
the "from" date box, first it seems to be ok.
When i close the configure windows, and re-open : changes are missing and
date stays blank !

any informations about ???

thx in 

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