[KimDaBa] Little problem with EXIF dates and orientation info

Marco Caldarelli caldarel at yahoo.it
Wed May 5 10:34:14 BST 2004

to reread the Exif time I use the following trick:
I edit the kimdaba/imagedb.cpp file and comment line
519 which reads

        if ( !(*it)->startDate().hasValidTime() )

Then I recompile and do
'Maintenance->Read time info from files...'
from KimDaBa. In this way the time info for all files
is reread.

To update also the orientation information, you
probably have to copy in file imageinfo.cpp lines
465-475 (//Orientation) and paste them after line 415
of the same file. This should work but I didn't test

If you want to reread all exif data, what you can do
is to change line 565 in imagedb.cpp from           
but if you inserted some description with kimdaba you
may loose it..



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