[KimDaBa] Little problem with EXIF dates and orientation info

Neilen Marais brick at chatsubo.dyndns.org
Wed May 5 06:49:42 BST 2004


A while ago I specified what I'd like from an image database with the
view of writing one myself, but along came KimDaBa and fit the bill
almost exactly! I'm having a couple of teething problems importing my
database of ~4000 images though.

I did not have the kdegraphics package installed when I did the first
import of my images (I don't use KDE as my primary desktop, so I only
have the minimum KDE libs installed), which means that none of my
image's EXIF data was imported. Is there any way I can get kimdaba to
rescan this info (ie. file date and orientation) without losing the
several hours worth of metadata I have already entered?


Neilen Marais <brick at adept.co.za>

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