[KimDaBa] Re: Default layout, no selected images, removing properties, member-groups.

Jean-Michel FAYARD boulot.dodo at laposte.net
Thu Mar 11 05:12:01 GMT 2004

Just one precision, and one thing I forget.

Jean-Michel FAYARD a écrit :
> *** member-groups
> they are not as easy as they could be. My user didn't use them.
> [...]
> My solution to problems 1) and 2) : in the setting properties dialog 
> box, we could have for each category an entry box labelled <<add 
> selected items in group...>>. (the group is created if needed)
> With this solution, if I have a picture of 10 members of the family 
> Addams and two other persons, it's OK : I type the names of the members 
> of the family Addams, add selected item in group <<Family Addams>> and 
> then type the name of the two other persons.

I'm not asking from an entry box in the bottom of the listbox.
I think of two menu entries to the context menu of each listbox in the 
properties dialog  ("Add this item in group..." and "Add selected 
item(s) in group...")

*** ability to delete in the viewer and in the properties dialog ***
I take often poor pictures with my digital camera. When they are 
abviously bad, I delete them in the thumbnails view, but for the others 
the first time I detect they are bad is in the properties dialog or 
during a slideshow.
If that's not too much work, it would be useful that the <delete> key 
works here too.

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