[KimDaBa] Just-after-initial thoughts

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Sun Feb 29 18:45:03 GMT 2004

jedd <jedd at progsoc.org> writes:

|  ] Added remember windows size to TODO.
|  ] Regarding the image config window, choose Options -> Save current window
|  ] setup
|  ] http://ktown.kde.org/kimdaba/kimdaba-doc/en/doc-multi-page/sect-changing-layout-of-the-property-window.html
|  Yup, I've played with that already, and discovered a bug .. of sorts.
|  I have a large options dialog, with persons/location/keyword contained in
|  it, and then a separate window with 'subject' in it.  When I save the current
|  window settings, what seems to happen after I stop and then start kimdaba
|  is that the persons/location/keyword window reverts to being tiny (normal
|  size) and the extra 'subject' dialog is the same size as the main window was
|  when I saved the settings.  (Does that make sense?)
Well the size of the window is currently not save itself, which I agree is
a bug (Now added to the TODO file)

|  It looks like it's saving the wrong window's size.  I'm guessing you don't
|  use extra option groups much on your own image database?
Well why would I? I designed KimDaBa, so it contains exactly the groups I
need ;-) Seriously, no I don't have any extra groups, so please let me know
whenever you find bugs in there.

|  ] |  Maintain highlighted thumbnail after image edit:
|  ] |  After editing the properties of a file, the thumbnail view then un-selects
|  ] |  the image you were working on, which makes it tricky to identify the
|  <snip>
|  ] It is indeed keept, I think understanding Ctrl+1 above will help you if
|  ] not, please tell me what you do.
|  Hmm, highlight is kind of there actually.  When an image is selected, it
|  has a greyed look.  When I change its properties, and come back to the
|  thumbnail view, it's changed back to normal colours.  However, if I 
|  click on an empty part of the thumbnail view, then the name of the image
|  then gets highlighted with a dotted-line around it.  What I think would be
|  nicer is if the image remains greyed, though.  I'll play with it some more,
|  given your suggestions about multiple-selects and ctrl-1 .. and see if it
|  still makes sense to me to maintain the highlight.
Hmm the dotted line is about keyboard focus, so that is unrelated.
Ahh found the problem, you have rotated some images, which makes the
tumbnail view reload. Added to TODO list.

|  ] Try Ctrl+T (Help -> show tool tip on images)
|  Ahh .. {even more enlightened look}.  Nice.

|  ] I had that for a long time in the beginning, and threw it out at the end
|  ] because I found that I never used it at all. I doubt that you really would
|  ] use this for anything.
|  Remove the /*'s and add a setting in the Configure box?  ;)   I tend to agree
|  that it's not *hugely* useful, but I like the idea mostly for completeness.
|  (Plus I spent lots of time making sure my time-stamps are correct!)
Well I'm afraid its more than just readding some code. It was nuked

|  ] try pressing the letter i in the viewer that will toggle the box.
|  You know, I'm normally much better about reading documentation.  Sorry.
no problem.

|  ] well it just happens that I disagree on this one, sorry ;-)
|  I *really* hate static ThumbNails in almost any app.  Even web frontends
|  rarely need them much anymore, given there's usually enough power to create
|  various sized images dynamically.
Try removing the thumbnail directory, and you will see that it takes a long
time to load them in the thumbnail viewer.

|  But specifically with kimdaba -- I've changed the thumbnail size a couple
|  of times (small when browsing, large when setting multiple files' keywords),
|  and so I now have more than twice as many thumbnails as images :
| ~/private/pictures/MinoltaPics$ du -a | grep  ThumbNails | wc -l
| 3429
| ~/private/pictures/MinoltaPics$ du -a | grep  -v ThumbNails | wc -l
| 1552
Actually on my TODO list there is the possibility to add a 
"Maintenance|nuke thumbs" items, plus a "Maintenance|recreate thumbs"

|  Not so bad with reiserfs, where running out of inodes and sub-blocksize files
|  aren't so much of a problem, but it's still a significant amount of space, some
|  of which will never be used now I've changed the thumbnail size again :
|  ~/private/pictures/MinoltaPics$ du -sch */*/ThumbNails
|  31M     total
|  And those figures are against roughly half of my total pics so far.
|  Anyway, there's plenty of time to argue about thumbnails later.  ;)
right ;-)


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