[KimDaBa] Scraping new EXIF dates on "old" images

Jody Harris havoc at harrisdev.com
Thu Feb 26 05:27:37 GMT 2004


Is there a way to ask 1.1 to rescan all images to extract the EXIF date 
and replace the existing date in the database?

I have almost 3000 images pre-existing in the index.xml with the file 
timestamp date on them.  Virtually none of the file timestamps match the 
EXIF data because of the way I manage the images.

If the answer is "edit the index.xml and remove the timestamps from the 
monthFrom="8" dayFrom="6" and yearFrom="2003" attributes, I can do that. 
  If jerking these attributes out without talking to kimdaba about it 
first is going to cause me grief, I'll pass.

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