[KimDaBa] Thought for your "3 minute tour"

Jody Harris havoc at harrisdev.com
Fri Feb 27 06:27:32 GMT 2004

Eivind Kjorstad wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 February 2004 18:36, Jody Harris wrote:
> Reinventing the wheel is seldom a good idea. There *exists* a protocol 
> for shared, remote, access to a collection of messages stored on a 
> online server. It's called "imap", not http. As far as I see you do 
> nothing that would not better be handled by extending the 
> imap-functionality of your choosen email-client.

Thank you for your, I'm sure well-meaning, response.

E-mail is a hack.  It's never worked well, and works especially poorly 
for group communication.

I love the "reinvent the wheel" line.  I've seen it before.  If e-mail 
where "the wheel," civilization would never have progressed beyond the 
brass age.  You see, the beautiful thing about the wheel is that it is 
eternally adaptable.  If "reinventing the wheel" were the evil you 
pretend that is is, there would be no KimDaBa because there would be no 
KDE.  "Why, isn't Windows good enough?  Why would you ever reinvent the 
windowed interface "wheel?""

Don't even go the "reinventing the wheel" route, try a different 
argument.  Your hypocrisy is showing.

There is some validity to your argument about e-mail being a standard. 
It's a crappy standard, but it is a standard.  It's good for what it was 
designed for, which is one-to-one communication which should be 
delivered in less than 5 days (read the RFCs).  Every other 
functionality of e-mail is another layer of hackery.

I'm making an offer.  I really like KimDaBa.  I really like Jesper, as 
he has presented himself in this community.  I really want to contribute 
something back to Jesper and this community.  If I had money, I'd offer 
a cash guarantee if Jesper wasn't sold on the RE after one year.  I just 
can't do that right now.  Heck, if I had the money, I would have already 
sent some to Jesper through his contribution links!

I know that I have "inventors myopia" about the RealizationEngine.  I'll 
admit that, but I'll also admit that I've seen it completely change 
organizations!  If it didn't work, I'd be looking for a job right now 
instead of attempting to make a business out of this.

The RE is to group communication what KimDaBa is for image management.

http://www.RealizationSystems.com/ -- start communicating
http://www.GalacticSlacker.com/ -- read it and weep
http://www.NMPerspective.com/ -- a Southwest Perspective

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