[KimDaBa] install prob - ect.

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Thu Feb 26 07:23:49 GMT 2004

jedd <jedd at progsoc.org> writes:

| On Thu February 26 2004 02:11 pm, Lars Johansen wrote:
|  ] Hi again
|  ] I came long in the configure proces after including alot of new rpmś frome
|  ] the fedora install cd.
|  ] I came nearly to the end and got this output:
|  Who knows where fedora puts things.
|  You'll probably have to try telling configure where to find the
|  Qt headers.  For my system (Debian sid) I had to do something
|  like this :
|  ./configure --with-qt-includes=/usr/share/qt3/include
|  Do a "./configure --help" to see other options.  You might need
|  to tell it the --with-qt-libraries directory too (but I didn't).  libs
|  are normally easier to find than includes, for obvious reasons.
Ignore my answer, this guy here obviously knows more about this stuff then
me ;-)
Thanks for your help Jedd

/me will try not to answer emails before all mail has made it to my


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