[KimDaBa] Re: Suggestions for improvement

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Wed Feb 18 07:29:54 GMT 2004

Helge Hielscher <hhielscher at unternehmen.com> writes:

| On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 22:28:17 +0100, Ricky wrote:
| > 1) 
| > 
| > I think KimDaBa would be much more usable if we got rid of the dialog and
| > would perform the above action in the following way:
| >    1 - select the image(s)
| >    2 - Have a sidebar with the categories, persons, places etc... and
| >        select them.
| >    3 - maybe have an "apply" button at the bottom of the sidebar, so that
| >        one could have a chance to "cancel" some changes.
| I second this idea. That's exactly the reason why I have not tried to use
| Kimdaba further. It is too complicated to enter the meta information.
| Well I could use the "Image Configuration" dialog, but there the "Image
| Preview" is much to small.
I suggest you try it for just a bit more than a few seconds ;-)
When I flush my camera, it often contains a hundred images. Still it takes
me way less than 10 minutes to categorize them, is that to much?

Regarding the too small, se other reply on this thread.

| > 2) 
| >   Since KimDaBa knows where a file is stored, it should be possible to
| > tell from within Kimdaba: create a new directory (on the filesystem) and
| > move the selected images to that place. (same for renaming etc...)
| There are two points I would like to add: when I start KimDaBa I have a
| few dozen folders each containing 100 images. Why not order them according
| to the meta information that is already on the harddisk (folders,file
| names)?
well it does actually, I'm think ;-)

| The other point is why not store something like a md5sum for every picture
| in the database?
HEY GUYS! Please at least try the latest stable release before making
feature requests ;-)
KimDaBa 1.1 do store md5s, so you can move your files around as you wish.

|  This way it would be possible to store images at
| different places (e.g. network, CD/DVD = locations that are not accessible
| all the time) without loosing the meta information.
Well if an image is not accessible, you will not loose your data, please
read the user manual section "offline mode"

| Another option would be to store the meta information in the Exif comments
| of the pictures themselfes.
I don't like this, as people might have back up copies of the images, which
would not contain the latest changes.


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