[KimDaBa] Re: KimDaBa 1.1 is released

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Mon Feb 16 11:57:00 GMT 2004

Jean-Michel FAYARD <boulot.dodo at laposte.net> writes:

| >| So, what you ask is following : if this fenster is launched, check why :
| >| - to edit properties ?	 => current behaviour is perfect
| >| - to search for images ? => the search order should be alphabetical,
| >|     and I would add, we really need «or» «and» (default to «or»)
| >|     radiobuttons, because not everyone will discover that you can
| >|     do such a serch Grand «Canyon|Mallorca»
| > I am afraid I disagree with the sorted for searching.
| > Still when searching for say Jesper, its much faster to type Je than it is
| > to scroll through a list of 195 elements (which mine is now)
| >
| > I'm not sure I understand your second proposal, do you want 195 radio
| > buttons?
| No, look here http://www.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de/~upaxe/Search.html
| For a search, we wants fast always an OR between all selected elements,
| sometimes a AND between all elements selected.
| A search for Spiff|Jesper&Anne Helene is for power users, and power
| users can edit the textbox to do this.
good idea, thanks for elaborating, I'll add that to the TODO for an
implemention soon

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