[KimDaBa] Re: Nice pictures online...

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Mon Feb 16 11:21:41 GMT 2004

Jean-Michel FAYARD <boulot.dodo at laposte.net> writes:

| Le 16-02-2004, Jesper K. Pedersen <blackie at kde.org> a écrit :
| > This does indeed look very interesting.
| Thanks
| > I'd like to see this in KimDaBa in some way, but we have to ensure a way
| > that allows my gransma with a Internet exploder 0.1pre-alpha-blip-blop to
| > see my images - of course without your fancy indexing etc, but still see
| > them. A simple solution could of course be a welcome page without any java
| > script or anything, which links to two different versions.
| A _very_ simple solution is to have two checkbox in the HTML export
| dialog:  
|     Fancy stuff [x]	Static HTML version [x]
| There is absolutely no conflict between what I've made, and the current
| thing. They use the same pictures&Thumbnails, and it's just a few files
| more in the same directory.
Right, what I imagined was something along these lines:

index.xml welcome page showing the title, plus the descriptions, and having
two links one to the simple version, one to the fancy version.

| > I'm quite busy currently with non-KimDaBa stuff, and the KimDaBa time I
| > have I'd like to focus on a plug in structure.
| >
| > Thus please allow me in the order of magnitude a month before getting back
| > to you to discuss integration in KimDaBa.
| Fine with me, I'm in holiday very soon.
tsk tsk holiday time is time for programming :-)


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