[KimDaBa] Re: [Gwenview-general] kimdaba: why not join forces with gwenview

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Wed Feb 11 21:57:54 GMT 2004

Aurelien Gateau <aurelien.gateau at free.fr> writes:

| Le mardi 3 F~vrier 2004 14:22, Helge Hielscher a ~crit :
| > Hello,
| >
| > looking at both programs, it looks like both are great applications. But
| > the features that gwenview has are missing in kimdaba and vice versa.
| That's true.
| > Both apps together would be an unique application for the KDE-desktop.
| > Maybe there is already some kind of cooperation behind the doors? If not,
| > why not?
| Because no one thought about this yet :-). I was thinking about implementing 
| some kind of category system in Gwenview, and I was imagining something quite 
| similar to Kimdaba, so that may be a good idea to join forces. What's your 
| opinion on this Jesper? 
Sorry for the late reply.

Well I think it would be pretty hard to do.
Of course you are very welcome to borrow code from me, and I'll even offer
to answer any questions you may have, but you have to realize that a large
part of KimDaBa is about these extra informations. Lets take the viewer for
one thing. Sure KimDaBa could use an external viewer (say Gwenview), but it
would require that this viewer would be capable of showing the infobox, and
be capable of letting the user draw on the images.

I don't really see a complete merge of the two projects, if for no
other reason, then simply because I've worked more than a year on this
project, and it means much more to me that just having a cool
application. For one thing, should I ever seek a new job, showing KimDaBa
and telling that I'm the mastermind behind this would help a lot.

One place where we could work together would be on a plugin
structure. Imagine we could have a common plugin structure where people
could write plugins for both programs.

I'm planning on working on a plugin structure for KimDaBa starting this weekend
(just after KimDaBa 1.1 has been released), and I'll ensure to document it,
and make it as general as possible, so you might be able to reuse it if you
see fit. One thing I'll also look into is if its possible to make the
plugin structure compatible with digikam's.

Kind Regards

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