[KimDaBa] Re: New snapshot ready - please test

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Sun Feb 8 08:59:14 GMT 2004

Jean-Michel FAYARD <boulot.dodo at laposte.net> writes:

| Le 07-02-2004, Jesper K. Pedersen <blackie at kde.org> a écrit :
| > OK, we are almost there, KimDaBa release 1.1 will be next Thursday.
| >
| > So now its time for all you guys to make your contribution, please download
| > the latest snapshots from http://ktown.kde.org/kimdaba/snapshots/
| > and try it out, and report any problems you see.
| Nope, all works fine here, including the new html export and donate
| dialog and i18n stuff (in french) 
Thanks for reporting.

| Debian Sarge / KDE 3.1
| [out of topic]
| I'm not familiar with KDE CVS
| What is the procedure to keep up to date with it (and only the
| kimdaba module, not all kdeextragears2) and to build from it ?
I'm not sure if you can stay uptodate CVS wise with only KimDaBa, I'd guess
that you need to check out the whole CVS module. Description on how to do
that can be seen at


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