[KimDaBa] The good thing can be better (Wishlist)

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Wed Dec 17 10:19:43 GMT 2003

Florian Lindner <mailinglists at xgm.de> writes:

| Am Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2003 09:08 schrieb Jesper K. Pedersen:
| > Florian Lindner <mailinglists at xgm.de> writes:
| > | Hi,
| > | here some things which I would like very much in some future release of
| > | kimdaba:
| > |
| > | - Display the full path (relative to the basedir) in the image
| > | properties.
| >
| > In for 1.1 already.
| Great!
| > | - Allow to rename files (really change the name on the hdd)
| >
| > In 1.1 there likely will be checksums in the DB for ech files, so I can
| > detect when a file is moved on disk. An actual interface for moving images
| > from within KimDaBa is not planed though.
| I still think that it would be better rename files in the application. I'm not 
| talking about moving them from one dir to another, just renaming the file. 
| The reason is that digicams produce filenames like "DSCN0003.jpg". I just 
| copy all images to kimdaba base dir and go through them and set Location, 
| Keywords, ... it would be great if I can change the filename to something 
| suitable in this step too.
There is a guy who have written to me with the same issues, and offered to
add some preprocessing of files to kimdaba. Lets see what comes out of
Personally, I have a script to rename files from my digicam, as it uses the
same file names each time I've emptied the cam, so I'm also interested in
getting this working.

| >
| > | - Loseless image rotation (which actually affects the files)
| >
| > I've heard that a couple of times (perhaps from you each time ;-)
| > I guess it wouldn't be too hard to add an item to the options dialog
| > telling whether images should be rotated on disk or only in the DB.
| > Consider it on my TODO.
| It wasn't me. I said it for the first time in this posting.

| > | - Search for a image describtion and label (or can I also do that?) I've
| > | tried to fill out the proper fields in the search dialog, but no pics
| > | were found.
| >
| > Yeah that should already be possible, though I haven't tried for ages.
| I've just tried it again, it doesn't work.
I can confirm that it doesn't work in the description area, and that it do
work for the title.


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