[Konversation-devel] [Bug 174143] [patch] Reconnect fails on password protected channels

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Fri Jun 19 18:04:16 CEST 2009


--- Comment #22 from Eike Hein <hein kde org>  2009-06-19 18:04:13 ---
> Yeah, I think saying this has feature parity with older versions is

KDE applications - and by the way, this includes Konversation 1.1 - need to be
installed into /usr or a prefix covered by $KDEDIR/$KDEDIRS/$KDEHOME so they
can locate their data when run. This includes their menu structure, which is
stored in an XML file, and, in Konversation's case, nicklist icon themes. The
file menu in the KDE 4 version is identical to that of Konversation 1.1, and
the same nicklist icon themes continue to be available, although the default
has changed to the "Oxygen" one (first included with v1.1) for better KDE 4

More info:

Moving tabs still works exactly as in Konversation 1.1 as well: With either the
regular tab bar or the listview version of the tab bar you can drag tabs around
using middle-mouse, or you can use the actions found in the tab/listview item
context menu, or the (same) actions found in the "Window" menu, or the keyboard
shortcuts associated with those actions (which can be changed via "Configure
Shortcuts..." in the "Settings" menu).

To provide some further background, middle-mouse drag'n'drop was the default
behavior of the tab widget found in the KDE user interface libraries in KDE
3.x, and tab DND behavior thus used to be fairly consistent between KDE
applications. In KDE 4, the situation is unfortunately less consistent, with
some apps now using left-mouse for tab DND. We're currently sticking to the
Konversation 1.1 behavior as left-mouse drag is used for "surfing" the items in
the listview version of the tab bar and we'd like to keep the interaction model
consistent between the regular tab bar and the listview version of the tab bar.

The bottom line is, you appear to have been disingenuous when you claimed to
have figured out how to build and take a look at the KDE 4 version, and when
you claimed to possess the ability to make an accurate assessment of whether
the SVN code achieves feature parity with the stable release (which, by the
way, it does not; I listed at least one significant exception in comment #16,
namely marker lines not being back in action yet).

Please don't go around calling people liars when you don't know what you're
doing. Thanks.

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