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Peter Simonsson peter.simonsson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 01:32:08 CET 2006

Argh I hate typos

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From: Peter Simonsson <peter.simonsson at gmail.com>
Date: 2006-nov-12 01:30
Subject: Re: [Konversation-devel] Two patches
To: konversantion-devel at kde.org, Bart Coppens <kde at bartcoppens.be>

2006/11/12, Bart Coppens <kde at bartcoppens.be>:
> Hi,
> Way back when I just switched to a certain 0.19 svn checkout, I made a patch
> that returned me a list of statistics of people on my ignore list. That's
> handy for me: if you ignore somebody and the current discussion is involves
> the person you ignore heavily, it's tricky to detect that. If can see that
> the ignored person's stats increase, it might be wise to not be confused
> about the discussion anymore.
> Secondly, I added an even smaller patch that displays Wallops. Some irc
> networks use them to give users some more info on server outages (like
> freenode), or just use them to spam users (like quakenet).
> Attached is a 'unified' patch that does both things. But especially the ignore
> code is pretty fugly and iirc breaks on multiple ignores. I'm willing to
> enhance the code of it a bit, if it'd be viable for inclusion afterwards.
> (Otherwise it'd have little value for me ;)).
Well I'm ok with the wallop support if you remove the debug. As for
the ignore code... well I'm definately not ok with it in it's current
state. I like the idea with the stats though.

Peter Simonsson

Peter Simonsson

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