[Konversation-devel] Addition to Nicklist: KListViewSearchLine

Peter Simonsson psn at linux.se
Fri Mar 25 23:38:38 CET 2005

On Friday 25 March 2005 23:19, Hans Oischinger wrote:
> Hi,
> Here's a simple patch that adds a KListViewSearchLine to the Nicklist.
> I discussed this with psn and argonel on IRC... In short: psn thinks it
> should be off by default and as the Preferences dialog needs some usability
> work I'll leave you with this :)
> Please CC me as I'm not following this list currently.
> Here's the IRC log:
> [22:21] <oisch>
> http://home.degnet.de/hans.oischinger/konversation_searchbar.png
> [22:22] <oisch> yes, psn. mine is for the nicklist
> [22:23] <psn> oisch: it definatly needs to be optional (and off by default
> I think)
> [22:25] <oisch> ok, can I post a patch somewhere (ml) or should I come back
> here (if you don't want it I don't care either... I'll patch it myself :))
> [22:26] <-- Dhraakellian has left this server. (Read error: 110 (Connection
> timed out))
> [22:31] <argonel> psn: are we letting go of the 'freeze' on new config
> items? [22:31] <argonel> i might get the kconfigxt stuff done this weekend,
> i can't say for sure
> [22:32] <psn> argonel: well it isn't applied yet is? :)
> [22:32] <argonel> psn: i don't think anyone has added any settings in quite
> a while.. but i don't even know if it matters, since i'm trying to
> completely automate the process
> [22:33] <psn> oisch: send the patch to konversation-devel at kde.org
> [22:35] <argonel> psn: i was just thinking that we should take care of the
> gui portion of the configuration instead of forcing oisch to deal with our
> stupid setup
> [22:37] <psn> argonel: sure
> [22:38] <argonel> oisch: so we'll take care of the gui portion of the
> config [22:39] <-- lignux has left this server. (Remote closed the
> connection) [22:40] <argonel> psn: i'm not sure how much different we are
> for the rest of the config.. is it harder here than in other apps?
> [22:42] <psn> argonel: well it's probably more unorganized at least ;)
> [22:43] <argonel> heh
> Greets, Hans

Thx for the patch, I'll aply it after argonel have finished his kconfigxt port
Peter Simonsson

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