[Konversation-devel] Replacing konversation.sf.net

Michael Goettsche michael.goettsche at kdemail.net
Sun Aug 22 10:49:23 CEST 2004

Hi there,

we were talking about making konversation.org the official konversation 
homepage some time ago.
Eisfuchs didn't want to switch, because konversation.org was lacking some 
information(don't remember what it was)

Reading the dot(.kde.org) I saw that they link to konversation.sf.net in the 
"App of the month" article. That site is horribly outdated, the screenshots 
are outdated, almost everything is outdated.

I suggest to forward konversation.sf.net to konversation.org.

Is there something missing for you? If you want to add something, ask me for 
the admin password. 


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