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  In T10812#184446 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T10812#184446>, @jriddell wrote:
  > the add-bugzilla-versions/add-versions.py uses a variable called BUGZILLA_APPLICATION_VERSION but I don't see that in any application, what's a good example?
  Where do you see BUGZILLA_APPLICATION_VERSION being used?
  ah the readme, the readme is broken.
  The actual script parses the version from the project() cmake call since https://cgit.kde.org/sysadmin/release-tools.git/commit/add-bugzilla-versions?id=71e0e45de04e08081d8ef81bef22c5aa9e16805f i guess @adrianchavesfernandez forgot to update the readme
  Adrián can you please propose a patch to fix the readme? Or maybe @jriddell you want to do it?


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