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Jonathan Riddell noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed May 8 23:27:46 BST 2019

jriddell added a comment.

  the add-bugzilla-versions/add-versions.py uses a variable called BUGZILLA_APPLICATION_VERSION but I don't see that in any application, what's a good example?
  > Which is exactly what already happens.
  I see for example:
  Parley has
  CMakeLists.txt:project(parley VERSION ${KDE_APPLICATIONS_VERSION})
  config-parley.h.cmake  #define PARLEY_VERSION_STRING "@parley_VERSION@"
  src/main.cpp:    KAboutData aboutData(QStringLiteral("parley"),  ki18n("Parley").toString(),  PARLEY_VERSION_STRING );
  src/main.cpp:    QApplication::setApplicationVersion(PARLEY_VERSION_STRING);
  So that probably needs a going over to see if there's other apps in KDE Applications which could be using that system, e.g. I was looking at Bovo and it didn't.
  And adding use of appstream-metainfo-release-update to increase_repos_version.sh for those apps


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