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  In T10812#184409 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T10812#184409>, @vkrause wrote:
  > That might be true for Plasma, but it would worsen the situation considerably for anyone else IMHO. While it now takes ~4w until a KF5 fix is released, or a new feature becomes available for application developers, this would then take 3-4x longer. So we'd probably end up syncing the Application release cycle as well to mitigate this, and following that we'd probably also end up depending on unreleased Frameworks in both Plasma and Application master branches (something not particular popular with Application developers at least). We've been there before, in KDE3 times.
  If Frameworks used the Plasma release cycle, then there would be bugfix releases as well, so you wouldn't have to wait four months if anything was broken. In fact, you would get quickly-committed your fixes faster than you do right now since the first Plasma bugfix release is only one week after the release of the last major version. By contrast, right now you need to wait a whole month to get a fix for something broken in Frameworks that's discovered soon after release (unless the packagers want to re-spin something).


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