D17643: Multiple Splits per Tab

Kurt Hindenburg noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Jan 25 03:34:14 GMT 2019

hindenburg added a comment.

  I'm still testing - I also notice it is hard to see the splitters - often I get another's view scrollbar confused w/ the splitter.  I also notice some issues w/ how multiple splits hare calculated; I would think the other view would not change size.
  If anyone could review the code, I'd appreciate more people looking now.


> konsoleui.rc:28
>              <Separator/>
> +            <Action name="detach-tab" />
>              <Action name="detach-view"/>

When changing rc files, you have to increase the version at the top of file.  Also, I'm not sure the 2 detach items should be under View - although I understand why you put them there.

> Shortcut_p.h:40
> +    RIGHT = Qt::Key_Right
>  #endif
>  };

Is this related to the splits?

> ViewContainer.cpp:440
> +     * */
> +    //
>      // Add the read-only action

So the tab right click menu no longer has 'Read Only' - do you plan on fixing this before this is committed?

> ViewManager.cpp:344
>  {
> -    _viewSplitter->activateNextContainer();
> +//    _viewSplitter->activateNextContainer();
>  }


> ViewManager.cpp:924
> +    //TODO: Handle sessions
> +#if 0
>      auto *activeview = qobject_cast<TerminalDisplay *>(container->currentWidget());

I need to test session restores w/ splits.

  R319 Konsole


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