D18352: Remember last output save directory

Mariusz Glebocki noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Jan 19 11:19:45 GMT 2019

mglb added a comment.

  In case of using file URL, I would change the variable name (like `_saveDialogFileURL` or something) and use `selectURL()` after creating the dialog object. The constructor, according to documentation, takes URL to the directory. It works OK now, but in theory can change in the future.
  When using `selectURL()`, home directory could be always used in the constructor, and the function would be called only if `_saveDialogFileURL` is not empty.


> guotao wrote in SaveHistoryTask.cpp:82
> @mglb 
> I think there are 4 cases
> 1. User want overwrite the last output file
> 2. User don't want overwrite the last output file, but only adjust the filename (eg: increase file counter number)
> 3. User want save output file to different name
> 4. User want save output file to different path
> For 1,2  file is better
> For 3 directory is better, but file is ok too (we can change the filename immediately)
> For 4,file, directory or home dir are all not good
> For me, I use case 2 most time during working.

Good idea. It asks for overwrite confirmation, the file name is already selected (so typing another name takes as much work as when there were no name). No downsides.

  R319 Konsole


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