T10755: Unifying Applications' release versions

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aspotashev added a comment.

  In T10755#180945 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T10755#180945>, @hein wrote:
  > I think then we'd have to rethink the way we promote, which could also be a solution. I.e. stop having a version number for KDE Applications entirely, instead of having a YY.MM we just make a "KDE updates apps today" announcement on some day, and the announcement includes a full list with individual versions. If we don't want it to be used, why have the number?
  "KDE updates apps today" + full list of app versions sounds good to me.
  The list can be auto-generated by a script from some standardized CMake variables like PACKAGE_VERSION_{MAJOR,MINOR,MICRO}. For those apps that prefer auto-incremented versions, the script can **optionally** bump these version numbers (like it is already being done for Kate/Dolphin/etc).
  This would result in announcements like this:
    KDE Ships %d Updated Applications in 2019 Q2 Release Season
    What's News:
     ... some highlights/app picks here ...
    Full list of applications released today:
     * Spectacle 19.04
     * Gwenview 19.04
     * Okular 1.6.7
  In my opinion the above isn't confusing since we never mention "19.04" outside of the list of individual versions.
  We could drop the "2019 Q2" part, but it might be useful to avoid tens of identically titled announcements.


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