T10755: Unifying Applications' release versions

Eike Hein noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Apr 2 20:05:44 BST 2019

hein added a comment.

  > On the other hand, having the release team take care of all of this stuff automatically and on a predictable schedule is really nice.
  Sure, Release-Team-as-a-Service is one of the main reasons we have the bundle. If you try to characterize the apps in the bundle and what makes them different from e.g. Krita, it's either apps that feel like they're preinstall candidates on mainsteam systems, or are unmaintained/collectively maintained, or just have no community unto their own or need for one.
  But bumping version numbers is a technical problem that can have a technical solution. If the Release Team wants to be a more generically useful version, investing R&D time into how to efficiently and generically bump version numbers in our codebases seems smart. It seems odd to make our entire public messaging hinge on "it's hard to swap a number in a text file". That can't possibly be the main compelling argument for the unified number (and I don't even think it is).


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