T10755: Unifying Applications' release versions

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  In T10755#180944 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T10755#180944>, @aacid wrote:
  > Personally i don't want people thinking they use "KDE Applications", i want them thinking how they just use gwenview or ark or kgpg or spectacle, they just happen to be released at the same time because it's easier for everyone involved.
  I don’t see a problem in people thinking they use ‘KDE Applications’. //I// think I use ‘KDE Applications’ (18.12.3). I see the applications as a bundle, and the number as a version number. And I’m always confused about how difficult it is to find out which version of ‘KDE Applications’ I actually use. It’s not in the ‘About’ dialogue of most applications, and it’s not in KInfocenter, the two places I would //expect// to see it. So I usually end up typing ‘rpm -qi’ on one of the packages and looking in the ‘Version’ field (which on my distro does //not// show the application version, but the ‘KDE Applications’ version!).
  And I don’t see much value in having separate version numbers for each application. OK, so KPat is at version 3.6. What does that tell me? It does’t even tell me which version it actually is at, since it’s been at ‘version 3.6’ for the last eight years (but there have been many bug fixes and translation updates in the meantime). So version ‘3.6’ can mean a number of different versions, each with its own sets of bugs and features. On the other, the fact that it’s part of KDE Applications 18.12.3 tells me quite a bit. It means that it includes all fixes and translation updates for KDE Applications ≤ 18.12.3, and I can compare the release notes between this version and the previous version I had installed to see what new features and bug fixes have been implemented.
  So, personally, I would prefer to see the ‘KDE Applications’ version number both in the ‘About’ dialogue and in KInfocenter.


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