T10755: Unifying Applications' release versions

Eike Hein noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Apr 2 19:48:31 BST 2019

hein added a comment.

  I don't find being part of KDE Applications releases very compelling for many of my apps. The reasons vary - some are alternatives to other apps in the bundle, some don't act in concert with anything else in the bundle, it means sharing attention with many other things (in two ways - public attention, but also dev attention: many things have to be spun up and be ready for release simultaneously, which is inconvenient), it means no ability to set my own schedule.
  Interestingly, the bundle having a distinct version number is probably part of the deterrent for me. If the thing was about Release Day and excitemed for Release Day, I think it'd be more compelling to be part of that excitement vs. throwing your app into some sort of bundle.
  But anyways, Yakuake is the easy example here. It's unlikely you'll get Krita into Apps YY.MM :). The bundle doesn't scale to all our needs, even if it's very good for many others.


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