T10755: Unifying Applications' release versions

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Tue Apr 2 16:45:52 BST 2019

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  My gut reaction was to agree with @ltoscano whole-heartedly, but the more I think about it that stance does have awkward unsolved problems.
  The red flag is "Going out may make the original version useless and have more impact on packagers (epoch)" - we shouldn't make things worse for users for the sake of packager convenience, that defeats the point of releasing software for use.
  The Apps version number is what we announce, promote, etc. It's what users mentally deal with. It's what they read about, look forward to, want to update to, find references to online, etc. The argument that it is what should show up in package managers and About dialogs is quite strong. So initially I thought "We just need to slap Released-with-apps-<foo> as a second line into the About dialog", but that won't fix what you see in package managers.
  the pain
  That said, Luigi is right that an app exiting the bundle is forever locked into continuing with a YY.MM version numbering scheme then so their semver keeps increasing. That's pretty meh, but users may not care.


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