[konsole] [Bug 397832] I wish shortcuts for Split View and others violating "least-surprise" principle be removed

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Fri Aug 24 16:20:32 BST 2018


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First and foremost, as I belive this is important:
If iTerm was good then people wouldn't download iTerm2 because the first one is
really broken.
If Microsoft was relevant here I would be working in CommandPrompt where I
cannot even resize,  and not in konsole, now for actual important things.

I belive that the splits in konsole are broken by design, simple as that, and I
agree with you that they are annoying. I'm working to fix them and I plan to
make them userfull, currently they are not.

For the shortcut issue that you have: 
- You hit the shortcut once, you don't like it and then you do:
- Open Settings, Change The shortcut to open the split view to none,
- Discover the shortcut to close the split view or even close the split via the

Instead of that you lost much more time creating a three page bug report that
was Rude, Disrespectfull, Time Consuming and Invalid.

if you have said something in the lines of:
"Hi devs, 

I'm having an issue with the current default shortcut for splitting the tabs in
konsole, the default one Ctrl + Shift + ( is too is to hit while developing, do
you think it's possible to change to somethign different, for instance Blah"

Do you realize the difference?
Best Regards,

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