[konsole] [Bug 397832] I wish shortcuts for Split View and others violating "least-surprise" principle be removed

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Fri Aug 24 15:22:36 BST 2018


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I am not saying Konsole should not have the split-view functionality but rather
that it should not have a shortcut to it or if it does make it much more
difficult to accidentally invoke it and S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E the user. Least
surprise first thing you should have learned in university, if you have gotten
into one.

So, I don't understand what you mean by "userfull" but I get the feeling that
you would be rising to the top had you worked for Microsoft. Thanks for the
reply and keep on hammering that penguin to his "userfull" death.

It's not that using Konsole is a requirement set in stone in my life. Plenty of
other terminals around much less resource-hungry, albeit all substandard like

Something I will miss for Konsole is that it fixed the added newline at the end
of copy-pasted text. And I gave my 5 cents for it.

hint: go to an apple shop, find a mac test machine, fire up an iTerm, video
your interaction with it, go home and watch and watch and watch and watch.

bw bliako

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