[Konsole-devel] [Bug 176902] Konsole: apps in tabbed shell truncated to 24 lines (LINES=24)

Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 21:12:24 UTC 2009


--- Comment #10 from Robert Knight <robertknight gmail com>  2009-06-26 23:12:23 ---
In kdebase/apps/konsole/src:

The size of the the window as seen by the terminal application in lines/columns
is set in Pty::setWindowSize().  The sequence of calls leading from the display
widget (TerminalDisplay) when it is created or resized by the user to actually
changing the size of the terminal window is:

TerminalDisplay::resizeEvent() -> TerminalDisplay::changedContentSizeSignal()
-> Session::onViewSizeChange() -> Session::updateTerminalSize() ->
Emulation::setImageSize() -> Session::imageSizeChanged() ->
Session::updateWindowSize() -> Pty::setWindowSize()

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