[Konsole-devel] [Bug 176902] Konsole: apps in tabbed shell truncated to 24 lines (LINES=24)

Jonathan Wakely zilla at kayari.org
Fri Jun 26 11:34:37 UTC 2009


--- Comment #9 from Jonathan Wakely <zilla kayari org>  2009-06-26 13:34:36 ---
Thanks for confirming it Robert.  Now, if anyone has a clue where to start
looking to fix this, I'll happily fix it myself, as I find it very annoying.

I grabbed the konsole code and couldn't find anything obvious that caused it,
but I don't know the code and didn't spend long familiarising myself with it.

It seems that the konsole process has some value of LINES that differs from the
environment of the process in the first tab, because although the first tab has
the correct values, opening a new tab does not.  Also, this aspect of the
behaviour seems relevant:

1. Close all konsole windows
2. Open new konsole window, resize to 80x40, close window.
3a. Open konsole window.
3b. Maximise the konsole window.
3c. Restore the konsole window to 80x40.
3d. Open new tab.
4. In the new tab run 'echo $LINES ; resize ; echo $LINES'

Even after resizing (causing a SIGWINCH to be delivered to the process in the
first tab) the second and subsequent tabs do not have the right value.  That
implies to me that the values are being stored somewhere else, separate from
the first tab.  I don't understand why the first tab's shell gets the right
values if konsole doesn't have them, and I don't understand why this *only*
happens with an 80x40 window, not any other size.

As I said, if anyone can give me a pointer to the relevant bit of Konsole, the
KDE libs, or Qt, I'll try to fix it, but I need a clue as most of my code runs
in headless servers and libraries, not GUIs.

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