[Konsole-devel] [Bug 196998] Konsole should reorder font when resizing

Quentin RAYNAUD kde at undoso.eu
Sat Jun 20 14:58:52 UTC 2009


--- Comment #8 from Quentin RAYNAUD <kde undoso eu>  2009-06-20 16:58:50 ---
Yeah I see. The only way I can still think off is to use the fact that ncurses
based softwares are not writing more characters wide than the console is. Then,
it's probably safe to assume that if the line is wider than the screen, we can
wrap it. Then, to know if we can unwrap or no, I think that it's simply that if
we added ourselves a line break on a line, then we can as well remove it later
or change its position at window resize. That seems to be a correct way of
handling that.

A way of implementing it would be to put the lines printed by softwares in a
buffer without adding line breaks in it. It's only at printing time that we
take the buffer and print it with line breaks at the correct positions. That
would mean to use more RAM but would do the trick quite well. Or at least it
seems to do the trick there.

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