[Konsole-devel] [Bug 152385] Allow konsole to store terminal size in the profile.

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Mon Jun 15 16:38:49 UTC 2009


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RE: comment #21
``However, when I came to overhaul Konsole I had a long list of priorities
  and this wasn't at the top.  I felt, and I still do think, that remembering
  the last used window size is the best behavior for the majority of users
  (who only have one or two Konsole windows open in a session) - so that got
  implemented first.  That's all there is to it.''

I am willing to take a guess that people who open and close various
Konsole sessions all day long were not consulted.  This is a behavioral
regression.  Also in comment #21 is a good clue for the fix:

``Konsole from KDE 3 works under KDE 4 and it really ought to be
  possible to have both installed at the same time so you can run
  Konsole/KDE 3 under KDE 4.2.''

Cool.  How about shipping Konsole3.5 with KDE 4?  I consider the issue
a "show stopper", too, were I able to "stop the show."  I'm not particularly
excited about finding a copy of KDE 3.5's Konsole, ensuring that it was
linked against the current libc and installing it properly.  We have a
serious (not enhancement) issue here that can be resolved by just adding
the 3.5 Konsole to the distribution.

Below are my initial comments from the duplicate bug I filed:

* It used to be the case that geometry was a settable attribute when
  saving settings.  It is a horrible regression that this capability
  has been disabled.

* It should be possible to make an X setting in .Xdefaults:
  xterm*geometry:         81x105
  Doesn't work.

* it should be possible to set the geometry in a command line option in
  the property settings of the Konsole desktop file.  Nope, doesn't work

RE:  comment #25:
 ``'Many' is not a number I can use.  I do however consider quantifiable
   things like the number of votes on a bug report,''
Remember that the people who comment here are a *VERY* rarified group of people
who are mostly developer types and sufficiently irritated by the behavior to
chase down how to comment about it to the developer in charge.  Please consider
the votes and comments to be an extremely tiny fraction of the universe of
people quite irritated by this.

I also looked at your survey.  Perhaps I missed it, but it doesn't look like
you asked folks about resizing of the Konsole sessions.  I think you have
your answer for that one now, though.

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