[Konsole-devel] [Bug 176974] High memory consumption when using Konsole for a longer time.

Michael Meier mick22 at gmx.at
Thu Jun 11 14:16:18 UTC 2009


--- Comment #41 from Michael Meier <mick22 gmx at>  2009-06-11 16:16:11 ---
On my machine, VmData does not shrink. I have tested several applications, and
the results are the same.

For example take "kate":
1. Open some big files in the editor and watch VmData grow
2. Close the editing windows but leave kate open
3. VmData will never shrink

Other example: "konsole" - we all know about that already

Yet another example: "dolphin"
1. Open some windows or tabs and watch VmData grow
2. Close all but one
3. VmData will never shrink

Same with "okular":
1. Open a large PDF file and note VmData
2. Open a small PDF file - okular should free the mem needed for the large PDF
3. VmData does not shrink

So, the question is, why is VmData shrinking in your test app but not in all
these apps. I actually doubt they are all affected by serious mem leaks.

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