[Konsole-devel] [Bug 176974] High memory consumption when using Konsole for a longer time.

David Faure faure at kde.org
Wed Jun 10 23:55:02 UTC 2009


--- Comment #40 from David Faure <faure kde org>  2009-06-11 01:54:56 ---
Yes I made a QVector-based testcase too (with the actual konsole data
structures in them), and it works as expected. VmData shrinks as soon as it's

To answer my own "puzzling" remark above: this is because of implicit sharing;
the items in the vector are copied from somewhere else which is still using
them, and that's why the memory is not going down.
IMHO the discussion in this bug report is really mixing two problems. How to
make the memory usage smaller is a good topic, but is unrelated to the actual
bug, which is that the memory is not freed at all, something is keeping all
that data somewhere...

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