[Konsole-devel] [Bug 152385] Allow konsole to store terminal size in the profile.

Sylvester Lykkehus zly at solidonline.dk
Thu Jun 11 13:00:24 UTC 2009


--- Comment #40 from Sylvester Lykkehus <zly solidonline dk>  2009-06-11 15:00:16 ---
I have a question, which rose from this feature/bug:

In every other aspect, and for all other applications, kwin has features to
implement window/application-specific options such as size, position,
I am talking about ALT+F3 -> Advanced -> Special Application Settings.
This works fine for every other application. You can force a size, or apply
initially a position.

Applying a position initially for konsole even works great, but if you apply a
size on konsole, it is "ignored" or "overwritten" by the size that was
autosaved by konsole.

This is clearly not the wanted behavior for anyone using the "special
window/application settings" feature of kwin, regardless of the konsole
autosave size feature.

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