[Konsole-devel] [Bug 152385] Allow konsole to store terminal size in the profile.

Alain Knaff kde at kde.lka.org.lu
Thu Jun 11 11:51:54 UTC 2009


--- Comment #39 from Alain Knaff <kde kde lka org lu>  2009-06-11 13:51:47 ---
I understand that you may not currently have time for working on konsole. I
also maintain a couple of packages (udpcast, mtools, ...), and occasionally I
have to freeze development on these for longer amounts of time due to other
activities (family, job, LUG, ...).

However, usually I am careful not to release versions that remove features that
were previously taken for granted before going into a longer phase of
inactivity. A little bit like (on the job) not doing a deployment on a Friday

I think that is where many people on this bug have an issue with. You have the
time to break it, but when people wanted it fixed again, suddenly it is "tough
luck, that's the drawback of volunteer projects".

Is it really not possible to at least roll back the change? KDE3 had a great
way of handling sizes:
1. Konsole had a standard size (for example 80x24) which it didn't change on a

2. It had a menu with a list of other common sizes which made it really
convenient to pick from, without much of fiddling

3. You could still resize the window with the mouse, without any ill effect on
points 1 or 2

Many of us here on the list would be glad if we could get the old behavior

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