[Konsole-devel] [Bug 179039] GUI for BASH (possibly other shells as well) autocompletion feature

Roman Standzikowski romanujan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 20:11:24 UTC 2009


--- Comment #6 from Roman Standzikowski <romanujan gmail com>  2009-01-09 21:11:23 ---
You will have to wait some time for the demo - I don't have much time, but have
some problems. For some strange reason I cannot use QFileDialog from within the
bash context (prototype Qt4 plugin loaded using the same routines, in exactly
the same way, but from within other task context seems to work). I wonder
why... Probably I will have to use DBus (which I have never worked with) in my
prototype. Or just use some temporary dumb low-level IPC for now :P

As regarding HotWire, I don't think it is a good solution:

- It is a Gnome application, and I do not like using Gnome applications in KDE
just like I don't like running Wine programs - unless I use something rarely,
usually I either choose native software or change the platform. It would be
like canceling Konqueror, because everyone can use Galleon, which is also free
and works under KDE.
- It is an all-in-one-solution - shell and GUI in the same project. You cannot
change the shell, you cannot change the GUI that interacts with it. Definitely
not an unixish approach.
- It does not work without XWindow (and it has a lot of other dependencies).
You can't use it if X does not work, you have to learn TWO tools that does
mostly the same.
- It does not integrate well with terminal emulation, it can only launch a
terminal session - not for me, I still use Midnight Commander a lot...
- It will probably take years, before it will stabilize. Or it might be as well
abandoned, like similar KDE project long time ago...

However, it may be nice to test new ideas :)

BTW. I do not think about command help, for now I just want some GUI for the
path autocompletion. More complicated features, like exporting KDE/Gnome VFS to
Midnight Commander, or making the glibc (maybe the kernel?) Nepomuk-aware, may
come later :P

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