[Konsole-devel] Creating a new Konsole Session / Docuemntation issue

Philipp Sternberg philipp.sternberg at gmx.de
Mon Apr 7 15:16:08 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

allright i figured out how to do it (by which i came across a bug/whish and a 
bit of own stupidity):

Initially i tried

Settings->Configure Konsole->Sessions

Then i entered some information in the General-section of the Sessions-tab.
However as a name I entered "Windows / Dos Konsole" what happened
the was that the session was saved as Windows / Dos Konsole.desktop, which of 
course is an invalid file name (at least it's not good at all). Consequently 
no new entry was created. Frist, I did not noticed what happend, so i wrote 
the first mail to the list.... Well, now i know better. Entering a nme 
without a slash is the trick....

So, it would be nice if one could be warned of entering an invalid 

However, the documentation issue remains...



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