[Konsole-devel] Maintaining the Konsole project

Eran Heyman Eran.Heyman at ericom.com
Thu Jan 2 18:10:50 UTC 2003


My text this time does not have the '>' next to it.

> What I meant is in case the maintainer of Konsole prefers to work on
> KDE projects then it will help KDE if that person will be able to do

> Sending/committing good and tested patches will do so too,why replace
> Btw, are you already familiar with Konsole source code (grown since

I am not familiar with the Konsole source code. I am familiar with Qt.
My experience is that in a small project the best results are achieved
by one main developer with help from others that contribute.

> > > I would like to offer taking over the maintenance and development
> > >  the Konsole project.
> > Is the first a precondition for the second?
> I do not understand that first part of the question related to the
> precondition.

> Do you only want to contribute after acquiring maintainership or are
> offers independent from each other? Sorry, but I have the impression
> want to be the boss before doing any work like you are perhaps used to
> your company while Konsole is developed collaborative. Prove me wrong.

Any patches are welcome however; my experience is that in a small
project the best results are achieved by one developer that considered
the project as his baby. I am sure that you understand my point as this
is the case with several other small KDE projects.

> The goal is to help KDE by making the time and resources of the
> maintainer available for KDE and for him to deal with projects that
> be considered more important to KDE by him, you and the other KDE

> Personally I don't have the impression Konsole is consuming many time
> him or distracting him from other things. But let's hear his own

If Konsole indeed does not consume much of his time, then I guess he
considers another project as his baby and therefore does not spend too
much time to enhance Konsole.
> significantly more functionality in terms of cut and paste, keyboard
> mapping, font support, scripting and so on. I do believe that I have

> Column text selection would be welcomed by some. termcap/terminfo
> is missing long. Font support is mainly up to kdelibs/Qt. What

Those are just few suggestions. Font support can also be automatic
scalable fonts (which many of our users love) which should be done by
Konsole not Qt (like our products). When the user changes the size of
the window, he will still see all the information with smaller or larger
fonts, because Konsole will automatically scale the fonts for him.
Scripting is to allow users to white a script that will do an automated
task. Example: by pressing on shift+ctrl+a the user would like Konsole
to automatically run a Linux/Unix shell command, get the text on the
screen and display it in the title of Konsole, or write it to a file.
Basically it is a way to map key combinations to do certain repetitive
tasks. Another example: having a script that does a sophisticated set of
commands inside vi, so with a single key you might be able to do
something that can take you 20 minutes.

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