[Konsole-devel] Maintaining the Konsole project

Stephan Binner binner at kde.org
Wed Jan 1 17:36:26 UTC 2003

Please look how everyone else quotes text, your reply is very hard to read!

On Tuesday 31 December 2002 21:31, Eran Heyman wrote:

> What I meant is in case the maintainer of Konsole prefers to work on other
> KDE projects then it will help KDE if that person will be able to do so.

Sending/comitting good and tested patches will do so too, why replace him?
Btw, are you already familiar with Konsole source code (grown since KDE1)?

> > > I would like to offer taking over the maintenance and development of
> > >  the Konsole project.
> > Is the first a precondition for the second?
> I do not understand that first part of the question related to the
> precondition.

Do you only want to contribute after acquiring maintainership or are your
offers independent from each other? Sorry, but I have the impression you
want to be the boss before doing any work like you are perhaps used to in
your company while Konsole is developed collaborative. Prove me wrong. :-)

> The goal is to help KDE by making the time and resources of the current
> maintainer available for KDE and for him to deal with projects that might 
> be considered more important to KDE by him, you and the other KDE leading 

Personally I don't have the impression Konsole is consuming many time of
him or distracting him from other things. But let's hear his own version.

> significantly more functionality in terms of cut and paste, keyboard
> mapping, font support, scripting and so on. I do believe that I have

Column text selection would be welcomed by some. termcap/terminfo support
is missing long. Font support is mainly up to kdelibs/Qt. What scripting?


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