[Konsole-devel] KDE Tutorial

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Wed Apr 10 22:07:56 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 10 April 2002 02:10 pm, David Durst wrote:
> I have strange issues,
> I grabbed the latest source kdebaseXXXXX.tar.bz2 from FTP.
> I unpackage it,
> the enter the directory and run the ./configure script
> it tells me I am missing or can not find
> checking for mcopidl... not found
> configure: error: The important program mcopidl was not found!
> Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.
> I am not sure how to fix this.

You will not have the headers and support programs that come with arts and 
kdelibs. Those can usually be found in the arts-devel and kdelibs-devel 

Alternatively you can install the source for arts and kdelibs and 
compile&install that yourself.

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