[Konsole-devel] Re: [PATCH]Konsole: Unix98 ttys this time it works

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Thu Apr 4 06:34:55 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 03 April 2002 02:54 pm, Gioele Barabucci wrote:
> [dunno if konsole-devel accepts who is not subscribed, so i'm sending this
> also to kde-devel]
> Ok, last time you said that it could not be incorporated because of the
> feature freeze... this time I hope it will go in for 3.1.
> Changes:
> - ability to open a new device on a /dev/pts/ UNIX98 filesystem (that
> should be used by all and is used by cgywin).
> - konsole_granpty is able to chown tty/pty under /dev/pts/ (so we avoid
> eavesdropping it)

I now get:
konsole_grantpty not installed root-suid
konsole: chownpty failed for device /dev/pts/15::/dev/pts/15.
       : This means the session can be eavesdroped.
       : Make sure konsole_grantpty is installed in
       : /ext/kde-head/bin/ and setuid root.


bastian at wantelbos:~> dir /dev/pts/15
crw-------    1 bastian  tty      136,  15 Apr  3 22:27 /dev/pts/15

So it seems to me that needGrantPty needs to be false in this case, right?

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