[Kmymoney] Some online updates don't take effect

Kumar Appaiah a.kumar at alumni.iitm.ac.in
Thu Jul 17 10:59:50 UTC 2014


I'm having a strange issue with online updates. For some of my
investments, even though the online update goes through successfully
and fetches the latest price, the actual update doesn't happen. To be
clear, if I click on investments on the left, and right click on an
investment and do "online price update", the dialog box that appears
shows that the correct price has been fetched. However, when I press
"OK", I find that the price has not been updated at all.

Is there a way I can debug this? This seems to happen for some
investments, while for others, the update seems to go through fine.

I can detail things further if needed.


Kumar Appaiah

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