[Kmymoney] Online quotes from Wallstreet-Online.de

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Thu Mar 29 11:51:17 UTC 2012

Volker Paul wrote:
> Wallstreet-Online.de has changed its HTML structure again
> and this setting seems to work now:

Could this also be used for stock price updates?  Let me explain,

I periodically purchase silver and knowing that KMyMoney doesn't 
currently support Commodities, I've setup my purchases as a stock.  I 
have to manually update the price, because until now, I haven't found an 
exchange that matched XAG (Silver).

The link you provided does indeed match XAG and returns the proper price.

I made the updates you suggested in the Settings -> Configure KMyMoney 
-> Online Quotes.

But, when I select to do an online update, I get an error:

Fetching URL http://www.wallstreet-online.de/si/?k=XAG&spid=ws...
Date found: Thu Mar 29 2012
Unable to update price for XAG (no price or no date)

Manually typing:


Returns the correct price.

Is it possible that I've just got something not configured correctly?

I've got under Investments -> Equities:

Type of investment: Stock
Trading symbol: XAG
Full Name: Goldmart
Fraction: 1/100
Trading Market:  NYSE
Identification: XAG
Trading currency:  US Dollar
Price Entry: Default
Online Source: Wallstreet-Online.DE (Default)


Ben Franklin quote:

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