[Kmymoney] OFX Investment Import Problem

timothy timboyle at afrihost.co.za
Mon Mar 19 14:16:41 UTC 2012


I am running KMM 4.6.1 on Mint12 with Classic desktop.

When I import an OFX investment 'Buy' transaction, the ledger entry for
'Buy Shares' shows a yellow triangle-exclamation in the equity account.
The problem is that the transaction is not assigned to an account. This
should be the brokerage account for this equity account. There is
consequently no corresponding Payment 'Buy' transaction in the brokerage

When the brokerage account is manually assigned the transaction performs
correctly and a corresponding entry is placed in the brokerage account. 

I have tried the same investment transaction with a QIF file and the
same error occurs. I have recently moved to Mint and upgraded KMM at the
same time. I believe that this transaction worked correctly in the
previous version, but am not completely sure as I do not buy shares all
that often.

I checked with the Ubuntu 11.10 and the same error occurs.

Any help would be gratefully accepted  or is this a bug?


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