[Kmymoney] QIF file import issue

Allan agander93 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 13:22:14 UTC 2012

On 14/01/12 12:13, Peter Veltman wrote:
> Hello Thomas,
> Thanks for your reply. I've been trying your suggestion
> to switch to 4.6.1, but without luck.
> The files I try to import are attached in the email.
> I receive from my bank the file mut.txt which is a csv
> file. I've created a short version in order to demonstrate
> my issue.
> This mut.txt file can be converted to a csv file with header
> information and this can be converted to qif using a python
> script from the internet. So the attached files:
> - mut_short.txt
> - 2011_short.csv
> - 2011_short.qif
> After importing I get the result that is shown in
> KMyMoney_1.0.4.jpg. This shows that the column details
> sometimes gives a value, but most of the times not.
> This result I've found for the following configurations:
> Ubuntu 10.04, KMyMoney 1.0.4, QIF import
> Ubuntu 10.0.4, KMyMoney 4.5.2, QIF import
> Ubuntu 11.10, KMyMoney 4.6.1, CSV import of mut.txt
> As I had a lot of issues to get Ubuntu 11.10 working,
> I've returned to Ubuntu 10.04 with KMyMoney 1.0.4 or 4.5.2 if
> dutch language support is available. It would be really nice
> if the qif import works.
> Kind Regards,
> Peter Veltman

Hi Peter

Hi Peter

Using 4.6.1 [1], I was able to successfully import both the original csv 
and also the mut.txt versions, with the following parameters.

For both, drop trailer line line, ie set last line to 17 or 12.

For the csv version, line one has more columns than the others and 
produces an error on import.  Click 'Accept All" to accept the shorter 

Not being too good with the language, I set the date column to 3, amount 
to 5, payee/detail to 7 and some other columns as memo.  The date format 
was ymd.

[As I'm using my development version, I can't guarantee that 4.6.1 
should be exactly the same, but I think it should, and I'll try it later.]

I've also successfully imported the qif format file too.  Oh, hang on - 
there seems to be an issue with the decimal symbol.  I'll need to look 
at that too.


> Thomas Baumgart schreef op ma 09-01-2012 om 07:51 [+0100]:
>> Hi,
>> on Sunday 08 January 2012 20:22:28 Peter wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I started using KMyMoney en have successfully imported an first *.QIF
>>> file from my bank. Initially the bank gives an csv-file and using some
>>> scripts this has been converted to the QIF-file format.
>>> No I also tried to use the same method for 2 other accounts, but
>>> after importing the QIF-file, it doesn't show the name of the
>>> account owner for most of the cells. Looking in the QIF file shows
>>> all information in a similar way, so I don't understand why the
>>> file is not imported correctly.
>>> My system versions:
>>> Ubuntu 10.04
>>> KMyMoney 1.0.4
>> wow, this is a rather old version of the application. Did you ever consider
>> using 4.6.1 (the latest stable release) which also contains a CSV importer?
>> Not knowing the contents of those QIF files leaves us without chance to
>> comment on a possible solution to the problem. If you can share the initial 1
>> or 2 transactions might give us an idea what could be the cause. Please feel
>> free to replace data you don't want to disclose as follows: letters with X and
>> digits with #. Please make sure to leave the first character of each line
>> unchanged when doing so. It is important for the analysis.
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