[Kmymoney] KMM - get online account update, some problems - solved

Werner Dittmann Werner.Dittmann at t-online.de
Sat Sep 17 12:30:40 UTC 2011

Dear all,

problem solved - in fact libchipcard was not installed. I was under
(the false) impression that aqFinance also use libchipcard. After
crosschecking I figured that libchipcard was not installed. After
performing a

zypper in libchipcard

KMM is happy and can update my account :-)


Am 17.09.2011 13:32, schrieb Werner Dittmann:
> Dear all,
> I'm working with KMM 6.5 and current gwen* aq* libs (from opensuse) and
> have problems to get online updates in KMM
> History and setup:
> until recently I used the iTAN method which worked flawlessly, both im KMM
> and aqFinance. Now I needed to switch to HBCI with chipcard.
> I got the chipcard and all necessary data to setup the account:
> - DDV chipcard
> - HBCI 2.20
> - server names and addresses, etc
> I used aqFinance to setup and it work fairly out-of-the-box and aqFinance
> was able to get the current saldo of my account - haven't tested a bank
> transfer (Überweisung) with aqFinance and chipcard yet. Thus, IMHO, the
> basic setup for the chipcard works, card reader (Reiner e-com)
> connection ok, etc.
> Then I switched to KMM and tried to setup KMM.
> I deleted the old online assigment and assigned the account to the
> new online account and tried to update the account, that didn't work. The
> main error message here was:
> ...
> hh:mm:ss Antwort konnte nicht kodiert werden
> ...
> Checking the mailing list I got the hint to check the user. Thus I called
> Einstellungen -> aqbanking einrichten, select the "Benutzer" tab and checked
> the user. It was all ok as far as I could see and then I tried the option
> "Kontenliste abrufen" (get account list) and I got the following output in
> the aqbanking window:
> ...
> 12:47:15 Connected.
> 12:47:15 There are no tan method descriptions (yet), trying One-Step TAN.
> 12:47:15 Aufträge werden kodiert
> 12:47:15 Antwort konnte nicht kodiert werden
> 12:47:15 Disconnecting from bank...
> 12:47:15 Disconnected.
> 12:47:15 AqHBCI abgeschlossen.
> 12:47:15 Vorgang abgeschlossen, Sie können das Fenster nun schließen.
> I Already deleted the account and users and did a complete new setup but
> only with aqFinance. Trying to create a new user with
> Einstellungen -> aqbanking einrichten, select the "Benutzer" tab,
> "Benutzer anlegen" didn't work. Selecting HBCI and "Chipkarte verwenden" during
> the next steps lead to the following error:
> "Error checking chip card(0).
>  Maybe libchipcard or its plugins are not installed."
> Taking the fact that aqFinance works with the chipcard that error message is
> somewhat irritating. Of course aqFinance was not started when I tried the
> setup with KMM.
> As a guts feeling: maybe it is some leftover from the previous iTAN
> setting? If yes: how to fix that? If no: what else could be the problem and how
> to fix it? Would it help to completely delete the .aqbanking directory (after
> saving the contents to some other place)? Some editing in .aqfinance or a KMM
> configuration file required?
> Best regards,
> Werner
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