[Kmymoney] still unable to compile gwenhywfar 4.2.1.

Martin Preuss martin at aqbanking.de
Thu Sep 8 18:26:00 UTC 2011


On Donnerstag 08 September 2011, Jack wrote:
> Does aqbanking have any utilities you can use to try those requests
> outside of KMM?  I don't know if it is clear whether the problem is
> with aqbanking itself or with how KMM is using it.  Have you tried
> getting the most verbose logging from aqbanking?

There is AqFinance, which always contains the latest versions of the AqBanking 
family. It can be used to setup and test the banking stuff. After that the 
same configuration could also be used with KMyMoney (or GnuCash, for that 


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